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French from the Market by Hillary Davis (9781423664888, March 2024)

In this quick and approachable collection, Davis (French Comfort Food) draws on her 13 years in Paris and the South of France to present easy and affordable French home cooking. Her casual approach relies on shortcuts, such as a store-bought crust for fluffy cauliflower and cheese quiche, premade crepes for “last-minute” grand marnier crepes suzette, and Laughing Cow cheese to lend creaminess to Laughing Cow zucchini soup. Classic “haute cuisine” dishes are abridged and made less intimidating, including instant pot beef bourguignon, easy whole duck a l’orange (which still requires an overnight marinade), and coq au vin reimagined as a quick chicken bake with a stove-top wine sauce.

Though traditionalists may balk, there’s no denying Davis’s efficiency. Her encouraging instructions make even more complex dishes seem simple, including the festive salad dubbed “A Wreath You Can Eat” and ingenious “beef on a string with horseradish sauce.” Other quick takes include a one-pot salmon in parchment with capers and lemon and weeknight halibut in basil cream. This accessible approach to everyday French fare will appeal to cooks at all skill levels.

The Hamptons Kitchen — available on

“Hillary Davis and Stacy Dermont capture the spirit of cooking and eating simply, seasonally, and locally in the Hamptons.”—Éric Ripert, bestselling author of Le Bernardin Cookbook; A Return to CookingOn the Line; Avec EricA Culinary Journey with Eric RipertMy Best: Eric Ripert; 32 Yolks: From My Mother’s Table to Working the Line; Daytime Emmy Award-winning host of Avec Eric, and chair of City Harvest’s Food Council

“Hillary and Stacy have captured the true seasonality of the Hamptons in a beautiful book that invokes the heart and atmosphere of a proper Hamptons home, no matter where your own kitchen might be.”—Alfred Portale of Portale Restaurant, author of the Julia Child Cookbook Award-winning Alfred Portale’s Gotham Bar and Grill Cookbook, Alfred Portale’s Twelve Seasons Cookbook and Alfred Portale Simple Pleasures: Home Cooking from the Gotham Bar and Grill’s Acclaimed Chef. Winner of James Beard Foundation awards for Best Chef: New York City (1993); Outstanding Restaurant (2002); Outstanding Chef (2006); Actively involved in charities dedicated to providing food for the needy, including Share our Strength and Citymeals on Wheels

“What a beautiful ode to everything local. Hillary and Stacy have not only managed to show us how to connect with where we live and what’s around us, but how to share the unity and bond with those closest to us. A cookbook that’s not only good for your body, but for your mind and soul as well.”Laurent Tourondel, James Beard Foundation nominated author of Fresh from the Market: Seasonal Cooking with Laurent Tourondel; Go Fish: Fresh Ideas for American Seafood; and Bistro Laurent Tourondel: New American Bistro Cooking, and Bon Appétit Magazine Restaurateur of the Year 2007

“Seasonal, simple, and locally sourced, The Hamptons Kitchen gathers the rich growing, fishing, and cooking traditions of eastern Long Island into a recipe collection exemplary of the modern American kitchen. If you’ve ever been to the Hamptons, or ever wanted to go, now you can skip the Jitney ride Out East–this book will transport you directly there.”Ian Knauer, author of The Farm: Rustic Recipes for a Year of Incredible Food and host of “The Farm” cooking show on PBS;formerGourmet Magazine Food Editor

“Yes, I was the one who insisted that Stacy and Hillary should put together the book that would be an irresistible celebration of the Hamptons for those of us who love to eat and drink and cook. And here it is.”Gael Greene, internationally recognized restaurant critic and bestselling novelist; co-founder, with James Beard, of Citymeals on Wheels; winner, International Association of Culinary Professionals Bert Greene Award for Magazine Food Journalism

“I’ve been cooking and entertaining in the Hamptons for over 25 years. And I’m always looking for easy seasonal recipes with flair. The two women behind The Hamptons Kitchenare well placed to bring the soigné and verve of the farm-to-table Hamptons lifestyle alive for the home cook. Hillary gives the simplest dish a touch of French flair and Stacy is, well, a no-nonsense farm girl who can ‘sling it’ with the best of them in the kitchen! The friendship between these two gifted women is evident on every page. Now when I’m in the Hamptons, I’ll turn to The Hamptons Kitchen for some simple, tasteful home entertaining ideas.”Pamela Morgan, author of the cookbook Pamela Morgan’s Flavors, owner of Pamela Morgan Lifestyle and Flirting with Flavors, and internationally recognized culinary expert

“The secret’s out: The Hamptons are beautiful—and bountiful—all year long. From fish markets to farm stands, The Hamptons Kitchen captures the very essence of living and eating on the East End. I can’t wait to start cooking all the delicious recipes —Kendell Cronstrom, editorial director, HC&G (Hamptons Cottages & Gardens)

Hillary and Stacy’s knowledge and passion for what’s local is nothing short of inspiring! Definitely a new addition to my kitchen collection.” —Eric Lemonides, Co-Founder Almond Restaurants, NYC/Bridgehampton/Palm Beach

“This upcoming cookbook aims to bring East End bounty to your kitchen table…..” Felicia Lalomia, The Northforker, January 25, 2020

Le French Oven

Le French Oven — available on

“From the woman who authored French Comfort Food, a favorite in all things classic and traditional French food, comes the new Le French Oven. Hillary Davis’s latest is dedicated to the authentic recipes that can be made in a cocotte (think Dutch oven, but Parisian-style). Coupled with mouth-watering photography by Steven Rothfeld, this spin-on-a-classic cookbook belongs in every food-lover’s kitchen.” —

“Le French Oven is an original approach to a flavorful French-inspired cuisine that can easily be made in any American kitchen. Hillary Davis’ recipes ring of hearth, home and nurturing in style and with elegance. Le French Oven will become an essential part of your home, and if it doesn’t fall apart from loving use, you’ll gladly pass it down to your children.”—The Rambling Epicure

“Hillary’s new book “Le French Oven” has now joined the ranks of “French Comfort Food” as one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE cookbooks! (I’m actually buying this cookbook for a lot of my fellow “foodie friends”…) Once you pick this book up, you’ll understand why I’m going so crazy over it!” —

“Le French Oven by Hillary Davis is the new staple to my cookbook collection. It showcases authentic, tantalizing French recipes that can be created in the cocotte―the French version of a Dutch oven―in all of its sizes and shapes, from mini to large.” —Pamela Morgan,

“This is a wonderful book that I enjoyed from the minute I opened it up and started reading the introduction.”—Carolina Cookbook Connoisseur

French Comfort Food Cookbook Cover


French Comfort Food by Hillary Davis (Aug. 1, 2014)

Publishers Weekly 


Publishers Weekly Review of French Comfort Food:

“Some of the best comfort food is French,” food journalist, cooking instructor, and blogger Davis (Cuisine Niçoise) writes in her introduction to this savory valentine to French cooking, “and it is not that hard to make at home.” She proves her point again and again, showing readers how they can transform their home into a private French bistro with dishes such as a rustic caramelized onion and Roquefort clafouti, classic French onion soup gratinée, and duck breasts with black cherry sauce. Simple pleasures like a crusty baguette with melted chocolate or a perfect croque madame dominate the offerings, though Davis doesn’t shy away from more formidable fare, such as a pork and vegetable stew with dumplings that requires a whopping 33 ingredients or a visually impressive layered vegetable omelet cake that calls for three omelets stacked upon one another. Davis does what she can to ease prep and cook times (slow cookers are employed for traditional cassoulet) without sacrificing the all-important flavor. Even though some dishes require more time and preparation than others, readers will find their patience rewarded with memorable results. (Aug.)

Reviewed on: 06/16/2014


“This book is so up my alley. I am so excited….it is one of the most delicious books I have looked through in quite a long time.”

—- Cathy Erway, Host of Eat Your Words on Heritage Radio


“Hillary Davis, you did it again. Another gorgeous book! Your recipes are not the same-old same-old that you get in most French cookbooks. This is an important cookbook, one that is a gold mine of grand-mère recipes.”

  — Ann Haigh, Host of On The Menu Radio


“Davis emphasizes that as life grows faster and faster-paced, the love of cooking at home returns to the slower, cherished way — a little while in the kitchen and around the family table means a lot more of the good life.”

— Steve Sherman, The Keene Sentinel


“Her love of all things French jumps from every page and the photos make you want to immediately book a flight.”

— Lisa Dinsmore,

“As we head into fall and cooler days, this cookbook with its new-but-familiar comfort food dishes is not likely to leave the kitchen very often.”



Home Cooking Au Francaise

The French have a way with food, and Monadnock area resident Hillary Davis has savored and selected the best versions of home-style cooking across France. She lived in Paris for two years and for 11 in the south of France, all the while learning and experimenting with the cuisine.

This book is a beautiful compilation of 80 recipes Davis has adapted for ease and flavor. Find an inspiring gamut of comfort foods from the French version of mac and cheese to a hearty French onion soup to a oven-fresh banana tarte tatin. Each recipe has personal notes and preparation tips. This book will make you want to don an apron and turn up the flame. Bon appétit.

Reviewed September 2014, New Hampshire Magazine


Cookbook celebrates French comfort foods

Friday, July 11, 2014
(Published in print: Tuesday, July 15, 2014) 

Food journalist, cooking instructor and food blogger Hillary Davis of Hancock has written a new cookbook, “French Comfort Food,” to be released Aug. 1 by Gibbs Smith Publishers. She is also the author of “Cuisine Nicoise: Sun-Kissed Cooking From the French Riviera.”

Living in Paris for two years and more than 11 years in the south of France, Davis developed a passion for home-style French cooking. Her first cookbook, “Cuisine Nicoise,” celebrated the healthy style of cooking prepared in the countryside around her home near Nice. In “French Comfort Food” she takes us further afield on a delicious journey throughout the many regions of France to rediscover the most loved meals that French families prepare every day.

Davis, in addition to being a food journalist, cooking instructor and writer, she is also the creator of the popular food blog, “MarcheDimanche,” and a longtime food columnist and restaurant critic for New Hampshire Magazine. Her work has been featured in the Boston Globe, Connecticut Home Living, Hartford Magazine, Tastes of New England, CelebrationNH,, Bonjour Paris and other regional, national and international publications. She has been a food and travel lecturer on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruise lines. As a food authority, she is a frequent judge of cooking competitions and a speaker at food and blogging events.

Reviewed by Monadnock Ledger


Letter to the Editor of New Hampshire Magazine:

“I cut out the excerpt and recipe for “Knitting Needles Spirals with Pistou”  in last month’s NH Magazine, which looked terrific.  Then I read, alongside the recipe, that it was from a new cookbook called French Comfort Food by NHMagazine’s food critic, Hilary Davis, which I immediately ordered.  The book, which looked enticing, just arrived today and I have been enthralled with the recipes, the descriptions and the gorgeous photos.  It’s a beautiful, entrancing book, and I don’t think I’d have discovered it without your introduction.  I’m ordering more copies for all my favorite cooks and am grateful to you for the introduction.  This book should do for French comfort food what the now famous cookbook, Jerusalem:  A Cookbook did for Israeli cooking.  Bon appetit! “
Beth Benoit
New Hampton, New Hampshire
August 2014

French Comfort Food’ captures generations of rich cooking traditions: Cookbook review

“This beautiful new cookbook from food writer and cooking instructor Hillary Davis captures the hearty and heart-warming side of French cooking with a collection of classic recipes and regional favorites, many given modern updates to put them in sync with the way people eat today.”

                              —-  Grant Butler, The Oregonian, September 2014




Press Release for:  Cuisine Nicoise: Sun-Kissed Cooking from the French Riviera by Hillary Davis (Aug. 1, 2013)

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“Bright colors, sun-splashed days, fun, sybaritic pleasures–Hillary Davis captures on the plate everything delightful we associate with Nice. This food is extraordinarily fresh, delicious, and a feast for the eye as well.

What a joy to be able to bring the good life into your own kitchen.” 

Frances Mayes, best-selling author, Under The Tuscan Sun, The Tuscan Sun Cookbook

“I am impressed! Hillary Davis has a unique perspective on cooking for which she makes a persuasive case in her new book. She believes that we learn how to cook not just from books but also from family, friends, restaurants, markets, and even from the dishes our food is served upon and the pots in which it’s cooked. ”

 —Paula Wolfert, best-selling author, The Cooking of Southwest France, The Food of Morocco

“With this ode to Niçoise cooking, put together lovingly by Hillary Davis, you will bathe in the aromas of the Niçoise countryside, from the warm pungency of wild herbs, to the sweet, fresh melons and peaches at farmers’ markets dotted throughout the countryside. Ms. Davis fell in love with the hilltop village of Bar-Sur-Loup,where she lived, cooked, ate and absorbed all that was around her. In Cuisine Niçoise she has made liberal use of everything she experienced and tasted; she has filled the book with tips and traditions; she has opened up a sun-kissed world for all to share. All of it will make you want to hop on an airplane and land in the center of the Niçoise countryside, at a table set for lunch!  Photos by Steven Rothfeld make the book come alive with color. Bravo!”  

Susan Herrmann Loomis, author of On Rue Tatin and owner of On Rue Tatin Cooking School

            In CUISINE NIÇOISE: Sun-Kissed Cooking From The French Riviera (Gibbs Smith; August 5, 2013), Hillary Davis, who lived in on the French Riviera for over 11 years, offers an insider’s look at this unsung cuisine and how it fits perfectly into a healthy lifestyle. Drawing on her years of living there, learning how to cook cuisine Niçoise from neighbors in her village, friends, chefs, and a host of characters she met and tells us about in the book, Davis brings the Niçoise culture and style of cooking healthy, fresh and always local to vivid life with her stories in each headnote above each recipe: learning how to forage, harvest olives from the trees in her backyard, till a garden, buy fresh every day from local farmers and open-air markets, and spending Sundays cooking and eating with friends. Her cast of characters are out of a movie: Madame up the hill, her cooking mentor and opera lover; Dave, the wild Australian superyacht captain with a penchant for cooking; the village priest; Lady Sarah and her hens; Pamela’s ruby-studded stone house; meeting Simca Beck when a newlywed; as well as  avoiding the wild boar that occasionally were herded down the hill past her front gate.

More than a cookbook, CUISINE NIÇOISE is a tale, a story, a dream. It is a delight for armchair travelers and cooks, as Davis engagingly describes the villages around her, her favorite markets, where to find locally made pottery, village festivals, museums, and a way of life that many would love to experience.

In CUISINE NIÇOISE, Davis also includes:

  • Recipes from cutting-edge Niçoise chefs: Michelin-star Nicolas Rondelli of Le Bigaradier; Pascal Bardet, a chef with Alain Ducasse for 17 years and now head of his own restaurant, La Passagère; and Michelin-star chef Sébastian Broda of LePark45 Restaurant.
  • Informative sidebars about ingredients, culture and shopping.
  • A section on typical Nicoise ingredients.
  • Contact information on the restaurants she favors and the hours of open-air markets.

Illustrated with exquisite photography from world-class photographer Steven Rothfeld, whose credits include the cookbooks of Frances Mayes (The Tuscan Sun Cookbook and Bringing Tuscany Home) and Patricia Wells (Simply French), the lush design of the book and Rothfeld’s sensuous photography evoke the colors and aromas found in this sunny corner of France.


More Praise for Cuisine Niçoise:


“I think this book might just be the next best thing to living on the French Riviera! It is more than just a beautiful book filled with glorious tales and remarkable recipes.

It is a love story of food, tradition and culture.”

Monica Bhide, author Modern Spice: Inspired Indian Flavors for the Contemporary Kitchen;

One of the Top 10 Food Writers to Watch in the Country, 2012—the Chicago Tribune


“From her kitchen in a sunny French village, Hillary Davis has crafted a beautiful collection of classics from the lighter side of French cuisine. Even if you can’t afford a trip there, you can still taste life in the Riviera.”

Kathleen Flinn, author, The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry and The Kitchen Counter Cooking School

“With evocative photos, tantalizing recipes and charming stories, Cuisine Nicoise captures the warmth and beauty of one of France’s most iconic regions.  As I read the book, I felt as if Hillary Davis was taking me on a grand tour, introducing me to the home cooks and restaurant chefs, food artisans and merchants she knew while living in a small town near Nice.  Her recipes are simple and appealing, evidence of her love for the food and customs of this very special place.”

  —Michele Scicolone, author The Mediterranean Slow Cooker, The French Slow Cooker,

The Italian Slow Cooker, 1000 Italian Recipes

“Davis’ engaging antecdotes of her decade-long adventures including kindly neighbors proferring a simple plum tart made from the freshest of seasonal fruit to a handsome server bearing “naked meatballs”, play on the nuance, humor, and kindness of this magnificent French/Italian influenced region. Gorgeous photography by Steven Rothfeld coax even more beauty and magic out of Davis’ musical, heart-felt words and luscious recipes. This is a book filled with palpable love for the region and the art of French cooking. Bravo!”

Holly Herrick, author Tart Love and The French Cook: Sauces

“From appetizers to soups to Sunday suppers, Davis offers an interesting take on healthy French cooking without the gobs of butter or heavy sauces. It’s a joy to peruse, with lovely photography of the region included. She adds her own personal reflections on each dish and offers tips for readers to make preparation easier. Consider it required reading before a trip to the region.”

Susan Laughlin, Food Editor, New Hampshire Magazine

“It’s a lovely book full of vivid details about daily life in that beautiful corner of the world. And the recipes are calling me to the kitchen with their fresh, vibrant style: Polenta and Tomato Salad (Niçoise cooking is heavily influenced by its proximity to Italy), Late-August Double Fig Salad, Swiss Chard Gnocchi, Caramelized Pork Roast with Olive Jam.”

Amy Traverso, Senior Lifestyle Editor, Yankee Magazine

“In honor of Prosper Montagne, the culinary giant who wrote “Larousse Gastronomique” in 1938, I began searching specifically for French recipes for peaches. These came from a delightful new book, “Cuisine Nicoise: Sun-Kissed Cooking From the French Riviera,” by Hillary Davis, an American living in France. This book will have you searching your farmers market for the freshest, best quality produce and meats, and find you preparing them carefully, maybe with Edith Piaf playing in the background.” 

Marialisa Calta, Pocono Record

“Good to talk to you on our program yesterday. Cuisine Niçoise is a beautiful, inspiring book!”

Ann Haigh, co-host, On The Menu Radio

“Davis fuses these authentic recipes with simple methods, simple but superb ingredients, and a nod to contemporary tastes (and techniques) that translate beautifully to the North American kitchen. Recipes are approachable and offer a clarity that invites you to savor each recipe, page by page.”

Marcy Goldman,, author A Passion For Baking, The Baker’s Four Seasons

“Cuisine Niçoise is incredible, and Hillary is amazing.”

Luca Paris, Host, What’s Cooking With Luca, WKBK



Events and Press:

A Million A Minute by Hillary Davis




Press for: A Million A Minute by Hillary Davis (Harper Collins Business)

“An impressive, accessible, up-to-date and sometimes exhilarating study of the free-market warriors who make up the international trading community…Although the evolution of the markets in recent decades is scrupulously well dealt with, it is when she peers into the future that A Million A Minute becomes most engrossing…This is an excellent book.”

—- Financial Times of London

“A Million A Minute is a fast-moving book that successfully captures the excitement of the trading room as well as a trader’s hectic pace and activities. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants an accurate inside look at this often misunderstood world.”

—- William E. Simon, former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury

“Hillary Davis captures the essence of the world I represent. Her outstanding insights, coupled with her writing excellence, have produced a powerful and commanding piece of literature.”

—-  Leo Melamed, former Chairman of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange


Representation for her The Hamptons Kitchen cookbook:

Jane Dystel

Dystel, Goderich & Bourret LLC


Representation for her French cookbooks:

Deborah Ritchken

Marsal Lyon Literary Agency