Books by Hillary Davis:

The HAMPTONS Kitchen

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French Desserts

Publication date:  September  2016

Publisher:  Gibbs Smith

Le French Oven

Pub Date: September 1, 2015

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

“From the woman who authored French Comfort Food, a favorite in all things classic and traditional French food, comes the new Le French Oven. Hillary Davis’s latest is dedicated to the authentic recipes that can be made in a cocotte (think Dutch oven, but Parisian-style). Coupled with mouth-watering photography by Steven Rothfeld, this spin-on-a-classic cookbook belongs in every food-lover’s kitchen.” —

“For years, I’ve been in love with my Le Creuset cookware. (I have two.) I use them to braise stews, meatballs, soups, ratatouillaise…  :) But I’ve also often wondered how to deploy them in other ways. Lo and behold, I was delighted to discover Le French Oven by Hillary Davis, a new cookbook completely devoted to the cocotte (aka Dutch/French oven)!”—Ann Mah, author Mastering the Art of French Eating

“Le French Oven is an original approach to a flavorful French-inspired cuisine that can easily be made in any American kitchen. Hillary Davis’ recipes ring of hearth, home and nurturing in style and with elegance. Le French Oven will become an essential part of your home, and if it doesn’t fall apart from loving use, you’ll gladly pass it down to your children.”—The Rambling Epicure

“Hillary’s new book “Le French Oven” has now joined the ranks of “French Comfort Food” as one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE cookbooks! (I’m actually buying this cookbook for a lot of my fellow “foodie friends”…) Once you pick this book up, you’ll understand why I’m going so crazy over it!” —

“Le French Oven by Hillary Davis is the new staple to my cookbook collection. It showcases authentic, tantalizing French recipes that can be created in the cocotte―the French version of a Dutch oven―in all of its sizes and shapes, from mini to large.” —Pamela Morgan,

“This is a wonderful book that I enjoyed from the minute I opened it up and started reading the introduction.”—Carolina Cookbook Connoisseur

                                                                        French Comfort Food

Pub Date: August 1, 2014

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

Cuisine Nicoise: Sun-kissed Cooking from the French Riviera

by Hillary Davis

Publisher: Gibbs-Smith

A Million A Minute by Hillary Davis

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A Million a Minute

by Hillary Davis

Publisher: Harper Collins Business

Publication Date: October 1998